what were your results with CN

  1. what were your results with CN

    just curious
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  2. CN is an absolute killer product!!! The pumps gained while working out are incredable and the fact that you keep them hours after the gym is what makes it different then other products.. If you have a chance go to superhumanradio.com and go to the podcast where Carl Lanore interviews APS owner and talks about his results while taking CN!
    Trust me you will pick up a bottle for yourself.

  3. i have two on the way, but i plan to obtain alot more, as it would be my go to creatine product if all goes well. i would alternate between NeoVar and CN.

    i hope you get a chance to follow my upcoming log. i have not received all my products i will be logging, but they are on the way.

    I will be logging Anabeta, CN, Meso (which im on now), BCAAs. i wanted to throw in Prime, but thats too many caps for me.

    btw, this is all with DC training.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  4. As APSFAN stated, the pumps are quite killer... my muscles felt like they were going to pop...

  5. im not in for really the pumps.....im in for any weight/muscle gain. i will be running it with AnaBeta and Meso
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  6. My strength gains were up there on CN, my muscles appeared fuller and more defined.

  7. In all honesty CN is the total package is far as i am concerned!!! It gives you strength, pumps, size and the best part is the pumps earned at the gym stay with you for longer than any other creatine I have ever tried.
    Stack it with Meso and you have a PERFECT stack!!


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