Creatine Nitrate and Headaches

  1. Creatine Nitrate and Headaches

    When I take CN (3 or 4 caps preworkout) I notice I'm getting HUGE headaches. I'm thinking it could be due to elevated BP (just coming off SD cycle, but never experienced headaches while on cycle) or perhaps a lack of water. I'm currently taking Powerfull, milk thistle, and torem (serm), but when I remove the CN from my PCT I'm noticing the headaches go away.

    Has anybody else experienced the same effect from CN? I really want to run this, but I'll switch back to mono if I must...


  2. Nitrates and Nitrites are a common migraine / headache trigger in many people. I'd suggest laying off the CN.

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  3. Thanks man. I'm trying one last time tonight...hoping it was more of a lack of water thing the other day. Headache seemed to fade when I showered up/pounded half a gallon of water.

  4. it can be a lack of water. but sometimes when the blood vessels dilate in can bring in more blood, even to the cranium region and cause headaches. if the headaches arent bad, i say increase your water intake and see if it helps. if it doesnt, then CN probably isnt for you
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  5. Try just reducing the amount of CN you take. Nitrates in general can have this side effect, along with others such as unsafe drops in blood pressure. Even says so in the cialis/viagra commercials.
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  6. I have been on CN on and off for over a year myself and just about everyone I know at my gym is on it but have never heard of Creatine Nitrate by itself causing headaches... I would have to agree about not drinking enough H2O...
    Please let me know if after you hydrate yourself you still get the headaches... I am curious to know.. Thx

  7. Finished the bottle (wasn't going to let a headache stop me) and I have to conclude that it was not the CN, but definitely a lack of water. CN is good to go guys...I'd recommend this product to anybody I know.


  8. as do i. my favorite creatine on the market, no doubt. mono may be proven, but im now the proof for nitrate lol
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  9. Hi friends,

    Headaches are common pains that anyone can suffer in that pain. This pain has many reasons factor. In this fact a headache problem is very uncomfortable for you. So you should keep from performing to your full potentials. But, in this time headaches may come in different forms usually depending on many reasons. So you must get rid of your headache, at first you should know what is the reason. Then, you follow the simple ways to get rid of headaches pains.

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  10. Glad to hear that the headaches went away brother.... Trust me when I tell you, if you havent already, throw in a scoop of Mesomorph preworkout with the Creatine Nitrate and be prepared to grow!!! By far it is the best preworkout stack that I have ever taken... All my friends that I introduced it to love it as well and I honestly have not met a single person that thinks otherwise...

  11. yeah the pumps from CN/Meso are sick
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  12. cant wait to try CN


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