Cycling Creatine Nitrate and Mesomorph?

  1. Cycling Creatine Nitrate and Mesomorph?

    Do Creatine Nitrate and Mesomorph require cycling? How much time on and off is recommended?

  2. Any APS reps out there?

  3. def cycle

  4. Yes, In my idea the Nitrate and Mesomorph require cycling because it is a great nutrition for to gain weight, calcium, and energy in a body and the exercise is recommended for 30 - 40 minutes for a best and good shaped body.
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  5. time on = time off
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  6. why would you cycle creatine?

    please tell me

    because i think cycling creatine=dumb
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  7. i know people disagree with cycling creatine, but these are the facts. not saying its right or wrong..

    i have had kidney problems from long usage of creatine in the past. so has my cousin, friend, and uncle. i know ppl will say "thats impossible!" but ive seen it happen and its happen to me so dont tell me that. mono really kills me. the rest dont really even hurt my kidneys, nonetheless i still choose to cycle it. and btw, your body hates it
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  8. Yes, you should cycle creatin...I had bloodwork done after taking it for 4 months straight and my results were not very nice. I was using kre-alkalyn pro by EFX.

  9. if you dont have problems with creatine and bloodwork proves it, then why should you cycle it. but ive had problems. my cousin and friend has had kidney stones from it and my uncle was urinating blood for three days straight.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington View Post
    why would you cycle creatine?

    please tell me

    because i think cycling creatine=dumb
    and i think not listening to your body, especially when your in pain = dumb
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  11. i cycle creatine.
    shut up and squat!!!

  12. Its good to cycle it for all the reasons given plus it is just good to give your body a break and change things up!!! Obviously like anything when you are on constantly your body builds up a tolerance and doesnt react as good as if you take time off then hit it again!!! I personally use Meso/CN for long periods (6 months +) and never had problems but everyones body is different!!
    My opinion, on 3 months off 1 month!!!! And start all over again!!!! If you like size and strength once you start stacking the 2 it will be hard to stop but it is reccommended!!!


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