Mesomorph, clenbuterol and ephedra receptors?

  1. Mesomorph, clenbuterol and ephedra receptors?

    Hey guys!

    Can you tell me if Mesomorph hits the beta-2 receptors like Clenbuterol and Ephedra does?


  2. Caffeine works by causing noradrenaline to be released, which interacts with the beta 2 receptor, but caffeine does not cause down regulation of Beta adrenoceptors, it is actually associated with greater adrenergic tone.

    Now ephedrine works the same way, but is more powerful. Also clen fits directly into the beta 2's, which is why it's more powerful, but will cause a reduction in receptors.
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  3. Yes so, I have read

    Maybe I haven't understood your answer fully, but how about some of the other ingredients in Mesomorph, will they cause a reduction in beta 2 receptors? I am mostly concerned about the 1, 3dimethylamylamine here.


  4. Nothing in Mesomorph should cause any reduction in beta 2 receptors since none of the ingredients interact directly with the beta 2 receptors.

    So I wouldn't worry about anything in Meso causing a reduction
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  5. Ok, thank you very much



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