I'm running a 12 week Drive/RPM (plus some other things) over on BB.com. I'm taking 6 Drive per day (3+3) and between 3-5 RPM preworkout depending on what time I workout. I was dosing RPM at 2+3 for evening workout days, 5 preworkout on morning lifts, and 2 on off days but I stopped taking it on off days due to the tolerance I have built up. I have been on for 5 weeks now and I'm very impressed with Drive however at 6 caps a day I'm going through a bottle in about 18 days. Is there any dosing recommendations for anyone who has used Drive.

I'm looking into various supps to try after Drive/RPM is over and IGF-2 has caught my eye. It looks like a very nice formula however I am wondering how the l-dopa from the mucuna pruriens gets to the brain without a dopa decarboxylase inhibitor (or COMT inhibitor). My understanding of l-dopa metabolism is without an a peripheral inhibitor minimal to none gets into the brain to be converted to dopamine there. Can someone clarify this for me.