Help with possible RPM/DRIVE/IGF-2 stack

  1. Help with possible RPM/DRIVE/IGF-2 stack

    Ok, here's the deal. I have:

    3 bottles RPM
    2 bottles Drive
    2 bottles IGF-2

    I am 5'10 195#

    What would be the optimal stack with these? Also, I was planning on dosing like this,

    RPM: 4 pre workout, then 4 more 8 hours later.

    My work schedule changes day to day, so If I don't workout until the evening, should I take 4 upon waking and then 4 pre workout?

    Drive: 3 pre, then 3 mid afternoon

    IGF-2: 3 upon waking or pre workout, 3 mid afternoon, and then 3 before bed.

    I know that the RPM and DRIVE should be taken on an empty stomach, but what about the IGF-2? I believe I read as long as it's a low carb meal, I could dose the IGF within an hour of the meal.
    I am very excited about these products and I am thankful for any help you guys can give me. Thanks.

  2. Responded already to other thread: Help with possible RPM/DRIVE/IGF-2 stack
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