Any reps?? Neovar dosage question

  1. Any reps?? Neovar dosage question


    just started on Neovar the other day. Probably be taking 10 per day (im just under 250lbs) so i've got two bottles.
    I'm trying to keep carbs to a minimum especially in the evenings. I workout at night, normally get home around 8:30ish so i dont really want to take in any carbs at that time.

    Question is can i take my two doses with carbs at breakfast and lunch or is it much more beneficial to take one during the day then the other post workout. If i do take post workout it will always be with oats. Would there really be much of a difference if one dose is not post workout?


  2. It nicer for "feel" if you can do 1 dose post workout, but i would say the effectiveness is still the same if the doses are earlier in the day. You might want to play with the carb amounts some too if this is the first time taking it. If you are splitting the dose into 5/5 you might be able to get away with as little as 40g or so if carbs each dose. its very individual. But if you have to take it first thing in the morning, and then mid afternoon, you will really only loose that pump feeling post workout IMO.

  3. Cool thanks Easy i figured it would be something like that. I will be dosing 5/5 so maybe i can get away with 50gm oats post workout otherwise it'l be breaky/lunch. I just hate the bloated feeling i get when i chug down a big shake of protein AND carbs after my workout. Cos 45mins later i like to get some chicken and veg down my trap as well.

  4. yeah, you just have to play with it yourself. I'm used to low carb and so my insulin response is light, so I can go down to that 30g range of carbs even taking 5-6 neovar. Some people need 60+ for that. also what type of carbs seems to effect it as well. I really tended to (early in the day) like bananas for part of it. 20g of oats + a banana was good either preworkout if I was eating early enough or post workout. I never liked taking in too much in oats before working out, one of the reasons i've never totally enjoyed pslin.

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