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  1. Question Drive/RPM/NeoVar Stack Questions

    In a week I will start a Drive/RPM/NeoVar Stack and I wanted to make sure I get the most out of it. This is my first time using Applied Nutriceuticals products and from all of the positive responses I am very excited to begin. I am 6’1” and weigh 225; my goal is not to add weight but to add lean muscle while lowering my BF%.

    A typical workout week would be as follows (all workouts occur around 6-7pm)
    Monday – Lift
    Tuesday – 30 min cardio & Abs
    Wednesday – Lift
    Thursday -30 min cardio & Abs
    Friday – Lift
    Saturday – 30 min cardio & Abs
    Sunday – Off

    I currently do not take any product similar to RPM that provides an energy boost; Lipo6x is probably the closest thing to an energy boost that I take pre-workout. I am a little scared to jump right into 4 capsules of RPM like the bottle recommends for my weight.

    Lifting Days
    3 drive when I wake up
    3 drive 1 hour pre-workout
    3 RPM 1 hour pre-workout
    3 NeoVar with breakfast
    3 NeoVar with post-workout shake

    Cardio Days
    3 drive when I wake up
    3 drive 1 hour pre-workout
    3 NeoVar with breakfast
    3 NeoVar with post-workout shake

    Off day
    3 drive when I wake up
    3 drive 1 hour pre-workout
    3 NeoVar with breakfast
    3 NeoVar with Dinner

    On my cardio days do I need to take RPM? Will RPM cause my heart to beat faster or put additional stress on it when running?

    Off days do I need to take RPM and if so what time is best?

    Will taking a 50g protein shake just before I start my workout reduce the effect of your products? I like to take something in before my workout otherwise I feel like I have no energy near the end of my workout.

    Currently in my post-workout shake I have 50g of protein, 60g of Waxy Maize Starch, and 5g of Creatine Monohydrate. Should I continue to put the Waxy Maize in my shakes? What do you recommend for the 50g of complex carbs? Should I continue to use the Creatine Mono, the stuff is dirt cheap.

    Should I start with different doses for the first week or should I just follow the directions on the bottles?

    I currently get about 250g of protein a day, I take an EFA with 3,6,9’s, and I take a good multi-vitamin. Are there any other supplements that you recommend I add to my stack?

    I have a good amount of Lipo6x left should I take this while on the stack or should I wait until I am done to resume taking this? I currently take 2-3 a day.

    Any other advice?

    I look forward to using these great products...

  2. Some sugestions. i'm 170 5'8 and i have found six drive split in 2 doses everyday to work well. i use 4 rpm pre workout (cardio or lifting) then 1 later in the day as a pick me up. off days 2 or 3 rpm split up. i dread cardio without my rpm now. it does not seem to raise my pulse rate much if at all if the machines i use are close to correct. you will however feel like a hamster on his wheel once you get in your groove. i would say for best results use it everyday. 1/2 dose on off days. i would say start at 3 which i did to gauge your tolerance then you might try 4 preworkout. i would also suggest running the neovar at 4 and 4 at your weight.

    if it were me i would try to keep your diet about the same first time you use it then you can truly see what effects you get. get the rpm in you 30-45 mins before your shake. i would think the waxy is ok but i would drop the creatine and see if you get better results from the neovar. i would also suggest taking the neovar right before your workout with your shake and right after with whatever carbs you use postworkout.

    you might add cissus and more bcaa. also maybe beta alaine(sp?) not sure on the lipo6x maybe someone else will help you.

    also be prepared for the runs with the drive and neovar. if you get this from drive cut dose back to like 1 and 1 then over a week or so bring it back to 3 and 3. take the neovar with food. the drive never bothered me but the neovar did for the first couple of days then my body ajusted to it. don't let it stop you from giving them a good try it was well worth a couple of extra trips to the bathroom. you will be happy for sure. good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

  3. Thanks for the advice rugrat,

    I think I will take the rpm everyday like you suggest. Just to clarify your response on the Neovar, I should take 4 and 4 at my weight and I should take them pre and post workout. Do I still take 4 in the morning and then take 2 pre-workout and 2 post-workout or do you recommend none in the morning and take 4 pre-workout and 4 post-workout?

    I know what bcaa is but I will have to look into the cissus and beta alaine.

    I have been keeping a weight and lifting journal for the past 6 months and have started to level off on a couple exercises so I agree I do not want to adjust my diet/supplement intake to help gauge how much the drive/rpm/neovar helps. I will attempt to take my record keeping to the next level and keep track of what I am eating as well; I will also take pre and post pictures. If the results are good I will post my results on this site.

    Thanks Again

  4. i like to take 4 neos pre and post workout. you can do it either way you like but 8 total aday is plenty. i like the neovar. you can feel it working if you take it with about 30-40 grams complex carbs. nice full muscle feeling. you will be happy with an's products i'm sure. cissus is the backbone of osteobolin-c by an. supports healthy joints and strenghtens muscle fibers. a very good product is incarnate by palo alto labs it has both cissus and beta alaine. i would recommend checking it out.

  5. Incarnate looks like some neat stuff, I will definatly get some but I going to wait to do it until after my one month stack of Drive/RPM/Neovar because I would like to know how much I gain from these products and if i take that as well it will be harder to truly know what was the source of the gains.

    Thanks again for the advice

  6. good idea and i bet you won't really miss it. the AN stack is a good one. let us know how you like it.

  7. an interesting thing to try as well is to take 1 neovar with the RPM pre-cardio (but dont take in any carbs). 1 isn't enough to send you really hypoglycemic generally, but will scavenge free carbs in bloodstream and help you do more lipolysis during cardio

  8. EasyEJL,

    Thanks for the recommendation for the Neovar I will give that a try. I start my stack on Monday and I am very pumped, i have kind of leveled out for the last 2-3 weeks on my bench, i hope i can start to gain again. From everyone’s comments and other posts I think this is what I will start with unless anyone has recommendations of doing it better.

    Workout day
    3 drive morning
    3 drive 1hr prior to workout
    3 rpm 1hr prior to workout
    4 neovar with pre-workout shake
    4 neovar with post-workout shake

    Cardio Day
    2 drive morning
    3 neovar with breakfast
    2 drive 1hr prior to workout
    2 rpm 1hr prior to workout
    1 neovar 1hr prior to workout
    4 neovar with post-workout shake

    Off day
    2 drive morning
    1 rpm morning
    2 neovar with breakfast
    2 drive afternoon
    1 rpm afternoon
    2 neovar with diner

    I feel I can increase from this if needed.

  9. Looks good. how long will you be running the stack? about week 3 you should really be feeling it.

  10. I plan on a 4-6 week stack, does this sound good or do you recommend a different length. It all depends on how many of each supplement I end up taking, I currently only have one bottle of each but if things are going good I will probably get a second of each to make it the 6-8 week stack.

  11. really would be best if you can do a full 8 weeks, because particularly with all natural supplements there is some build up time, max effects with drive for instance don't really start to hit till day 7-10 for most people.

  12. sounds good I will get another bottle of each.

  13. i'm nearing the end of 8 weeks and it gets better everyday. really noticed it around week 3 and it got better every week. will certainly be running this again after a break.

  14. have you started the stack yet? let everyone know how it goes when you do.

  15. Yeah I started this past Monday, it was a good week of workouts I didn’t necessary lift more but I had more endurance. I was quite sore after all of my strength days, on cardio days my body stayed revved up for a couple hours after working out. I am looking forward to my workouts this week.
    I was a little concerned that I would have some bad diarrhea after reading a few posts but actually the opposite happened. I was a little backed up the first two days but since then everything is back to normal.
    I will post some updates as I continue the stack.

  16. yeah, full "kick in" period on drive varies, but you get some initial boost at 3-4 days, and full value starts at around 7-10. So next week should be good.

    Notice any mood or just overall "feeling" improvements?

  17. Weeks 2 to 4 you should really notice the effects.

  18. No I have not felt any mood changes, but my mood was not bad to begin with. My body is usually pretty resistant to drugs that affect my mood.


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