Can I stack Mass Fx with Drive?

  1. Can I stack Mass Fx with Drive?

    Do you think i can take Drive and stack with Mass Fx?

  2. yea no problem in doing that , if anything your only going to make more progress, go for it man =)

  3. Exclamation Actually!

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    Do you think i can take Drive and stack with Mass Fx?
    I would be careful if you are talking about the Mass FX MAX Strength. Combining both DRIVE and Mass FX could cause some stomach issues, or frequent bathroom trips due to the content of the forskolin in both products. Besides that there are no issues though. Be careful and good luck towards getting the results you want!
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  4. Like Samboz19 mentioned, the only watch-out would be Forslean (Forskolin) in both products. Should not be a problem for many users, though. Yet, it is useful to keep that in mind.
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  5. Would it be better just to take one of those two for my first time then?

  6. or to start with taking the mass fx, then slowly ramp up the drive dosage. Even for people who are sensitive to forskolin, slowly ramping up the dosage over the span of a week or so generally gives their body time to adjust.

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