How does this dosing sound?

  1. How does this dosing sound?

    I am going to be running a 6-7 week stack of IGF-2 and eventually add in RPM (Log is in the sig if details are needed.)

    I have been toying around with dosing schemes (after reading the FAQ) and thought this would be the most effective at optimizing GH release + test boost for muscle retention/potential growth. Just wanted to see if it looked solid/if there was anything I could do to improve on.

    On empty stomach cardio days:
    4 caps IGF-2 taken immediately upon waking, then cardio.
    3 caps IGF-2 1 hour before 3rd meal of the day
    3 caps: 30 min before bed

    On Workout days:
    8:30 am ~ pre-workout meal ~ 9:30am 4 caps IGF-2 ~ 10 lift
    3 caps IGF-2 1 hour before 3rd meal of the day
    3 caps: 30 min before bed

    My only other question if this looks solid would be in one month when I start my CKD and add in rpm what would be the best way to add RPM in? Can RPM be taken with a dose of IGF-2 before emtpty stomach cardio and not feel ill? I plan on taking 4 caps per day would it be sufficient to just add both dosages in with the IGF-2 dose before working out?


  2. Looks solid; I dosed it at 3 caps in the morning, 4 pre-WO, and 3 before bed. The RPM should not make you feel ill, unless you are sensitive to stims. The thing I really like about RPM is how clean it is.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  3. on empty stomach that won't see a meal for a while, you may want to start 1 cap lower on rpm than you normally do, and see how you feel.

    Looks good tho!

  4. Thanks for the help guys. I do plan on starting at 3 caps of RPM to assess tolerance but will more than likely bump up to 4 within the first week.



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