Felicia on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights tomorrow night!

  1. Felicia on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights tomorrow night!

    :chick: Just for anyone interested, I will be ring girling on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights tomorrow night. First bell rings at 8. Main event my boy world champ Monty Meza-Clay VS. former champ Eric Aiken!
    Watch for me!

  2. Oh Snap!!!!

    Somebody post us a clip.........

  3. Nice! Hopefully i can catch it!
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  4. Wish you tonnes of success
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  5. Thanks guys! Hope I look right, been usin my Lipo AM & PM all week and no carbs...

  6. I'm going to be at work til 9, KHAN!!!

    Anyway, good luck!
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  7. Awesome! Good luck.

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  8. yes i want to see the clip

    i dont have espn 2 here i
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