Got my Drive

  1. Got my Drive

    I bought 6 bottles and we plan (my son and I) to start on Sunday. I am an ex-competitive bodybuilder, I am 49 so my stage days are over. I have always been pretty much natural with the exception of a couple of t-gel runs and 2 halodrol cycles a year ago. While I liked these products my thinking is if you have to go through so much to protect yourself (cycle support and PCT) maybe a old guy like me should not be putting his health on the line for a few extra lbs of muscle. That is why I want to thank you and companies like you who are trying to find a natural solution.

    My son is a 19 year old Monster he was a pretty fit 275 at 6'2" (he's an offensive lineman), but do to a back injury he has gone down to 250. He is still very strong and recouping fairly well. He is back in cleats and is still doing quite well cuz he's always been really fast for a big man. He was squating and deading around 600 but we have to be careful with his back.

    I will be monitoring this very closely with him cuz it it makes him too aggressive he will discontinue use. The extra focus and stamina may definitely help him on the field though.

    I just thought you guys might be interested in some father and son feedback about this product. It will cover to distinctly different age groups and if your interested I will start a "Father and son Drive" log.

  2. Dream,

    I posted in your log in the log section. Definitely VERY interested to see how you guys turn out. Be sure to get in on the "Thank You Promo" we have going.....

    The instructional thread is in the supplement section.

  3. This is Great!!! I love this for a log!

    Also you way of thinking is right on track, why put your body through the "rough" stuff if you dont have to. Thats where Drive is perfect for! I have gone out on a limb once and i will do it again, From everything i read and hear about juice (i have not touched it so this is not personal experience) Drive matches up VERY well! You 2 wont be disappointed!

    I am really looking forward to this log!

    Take a pics of your 6 bottles in front of a newspaper this is the last day of our little contest!

  4. Yes I think we are on track here, why risk you nuts when you don't have to.

    I put up a pic of my son in my avatar, I just wanted you to see "I have created an monster" lol

  5. man i cant wait for My son to get older

    im like a kid lol Deployed blogging

  6. Only problem is as your son gets older you get older, but I'm still young at heart. Another problem is, is he humiliates me in the gym lol.

    But I am proud of him. I remember thinking one time, the strongest person in this gym is my 18 year old son. What a feeling.


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