RPM on off days?

  1. RPM on off days?

    I'll be starting up my RPM + IGF-2 + XF stack here right off, and was wondering whether or not to take the 1/2 dose of RPM for off days, or just take it on workout days.

    I am doing a 2 on - 1 off split right now, with cardio on most off days.
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    I am told the full effects of RPM are built up over a few weeks. I'm guessing from your body getting used to the Icariin. So yeah, I would take it on off days, perhaps at a smaller dosage if you don't really need that extra boost so much.
    Thanks sinner.
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  3. Not sure if you saw it But a few lines from the top is a little thread topic that's called something like, "Are there benefits of taking RPM on off days?" (Bill Lumbergh's voice) Yeah... I uhh.... think maybe it might pertain EXACTLY to your question... mmmm k.
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