Nycste gets 2 samples of RPM thanks AN

  1. Nycste gets 2 samples of RPM thanks AN

    Nycste gets 2 samples of RPM thanks AN

    sporty build

    got 2 free samples of RPM ! total of 10pills i think.

    based on my bodyweight i need to take 5 a serving .

    not sure when is best to take this product as i have 2 servings so any advice would rock. ill use them this week prob on next workout days.

    ill update this log once i test the products but i just wanted to write this up and ask when is best for me to take it.

    thanks AN.

  2. NYC,

    Around an hour before a workout, on a completely empty stomach will get you best results. Will this fit in your schedule?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post

    Around an hour before a workout, on a completely empty stomach will get you best results. Will this fit in your schedule?
    i will make it fit dont u worry. but i usually eat preworkout since i feel its more important that post workout.

    so 1hour before gym. ok. that also means no eating till i get back from gym? or i can eat 30mins after?

  4. Try to give the RPM 45 min at least in there w/ no food....

  5. just used my RPM for the first time this morning, ny. I only popped 2 pills (spose to do 4) and was sweating like crazy!

  6. What is this RPM you guys speak of - is it new?

    Ha-Ha! I hope you enjoy it NY! It's a great product!

  7. 09/11 OFF DAY
    CYCLE DONE. Serm Done. DTHC Done for a week then restarting.

    09/12 Workout 1B second time.


    DC training 1B
    -all reps 2/4 sec negatives
    -btw sets for most part only 15breaths break
    DB Inc Benching
    -chest str
    -tri str
    Behind Head smith pressing seated
    135x4 too heavy
    -shoulder str
    Smith close grip bench
    -chest str
    -tri str
    Front lat pulldowns no swinging no cheating
    -lat str
    tbar row machine
    -hanging back str
    Workout summary = good. improved everywhere alittle.
    Weight increased on db bench, close grip, lat pulldowns with a good amount of reps to compare to lighter weight

    RPM SAMPLE COMMENTS. (3 pills taken)
    -felt pretty powerfull without energy dropping
    -sweated a sh it ton. more then normal which is a ton
    -strength increased as it should anyway but im hoping rpm helped too near impossible to judge other then i did improve !
    -noticed look on my arms they appeared a lot lot thicker and bigger esp in forearm area it was a nice sight for me
    -thats about all i can say about RPM happy with my workout happy the pills were free and happy my arms looked sick
    -i got 2 more servings of 3 pills each or i could do 4 and 2. we shall see another day.

    -next up i shall be testing yellow gold, pslim, and neovar ! first time for all of these and any type of this product i am hoping for the best. i wont be on any other supplements besides bcaas, whey and creatine. my staple supplements listed throughout my log

    next up summary of my cycle. measurements. no pics dont feel like shaving body. grrr thats a lot ok well ill be working on that

  8. i have 6 RPM pills left and will use them after my DTHC log just to keep things narrowed down for the new log whcih already started


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