RPM initial impressions

  1. RPM initial impressions

    I took 3 caps of RPM, an hour before my second training session of the day. I would have taken it prior to my first, but it hadn't arrived yet. Anyway, my second training session was more of a "***** work out" than a training session, as it was a time to work on weak points and do some ab work and a little bit of cardio. However, my motivation to do such things compared to the ball-busting stuff is just...eh. Who likes doing crunches and ab-wheel compared to deads?

    Well, at first I didn't notice if RPM was working or not, but then I was just able to get the job done and I never felt like quitting. During the cardio, the amount of sweat pouring off of me was abnormal considering the type of cardio I was doing (incline walking) - which is a good thing! That told me that something was definitely working.

    I'm going to try 4 caps, just to see if that changes the "amped factor" at all. I'm pushing 180 lbs, so maybe that will really blow me away. In any case, my sense of well-being was a notch above the norm, especially considering I didn't even really want to be in the gym again.

    So far, solid. I'll report back with more as RPM begins to "take root" with me.

    P.S. - While doing the incline walking and sweating abnormally (as if I was doing a 3 mile run at 6:30 miles), I thought to myself, "this would be a great cutter when combined with a non-stim fat loss product..."

    Hmm...now where's my Lipotrophin AM/PM and IGF-2!?!?! haha (Hopefully tomorrow I'll win some IGF-2 to log for you guys!)

  2. today was my first time taking rpm on a truly empty stomach

    good lord

    typically i eat with it lol
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  3. So far, the most obvious effect of RPM on me is ridiculously increased sweating.

  4. I have been using RPM consistently since it came out, and good lord I love the darn thing. I have cut a great deal, and I am always rearing to go

  5. Another happy customer (or 2)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Another happy customer (or 2)
    Definitely happy. Helped with my 5x3 heavy upperbody night, tonight in the gym...

    When I say it "helped" it drastically aided in my ability to "zero-in" on the task at hand.

    Awesome stuff.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Another happy customer (or 2)
    Another happy customer rigth here.


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