Some info on why/how Osteobolin-C works!!!

  1. Some info on why/how Osteobolin-C works!!!

    A recent study by Devi and Shyamala revealed that a component of Osteobolin-C, Cissus Quadrangularis, attenuates neutrophil infilatration and pro-inflammatory cytokine response. The article, printed in the Journal of Herb Pharmacotherapy, found that CQD actually blunted these compounds, allowing for less proenzymes that could result in eventual tissue damage.

    In times of tendon injury, joint injury, arthritis, and general connective matrix overuse injuries, loss of tissue can occur, through the degradation of proteoglycans and collagens through active proteinases. Pro-inflammatory cytokines released in the joint contribute to this process by acting on different cells present to produce these proteinase enzymes. Unfortunately, the replacement of collage after its destruction is difficult, so it is necessary to find some sort of attenuative remedy.

    All classes of proteinases are involved in tissue turnover, however, in times of injury or disease, these enzymes can overload an area- when this occurs, the reaction of cytokines and connective tissue produce certain MMPs (members of the matrix metalloproteinase family- say that five times fast!!!) TNFalpha, IL-1 and IL-8- (IL= interleukins). Other types of MMPs can be found in the specific granules of neutrophils and are released when these cells are stimulated.

    As stated before, during times of injury or disease, MMPs overload in the damaged area. Unfortunately, they can sometimes do more harm than good They are needed for turnover of the cartilaginous matrix, BUT they are also implicated in the destruction of connective tissue, because when an injury occurs, MMP synthesis and interaction increases in health cartilage, resulting in a subsequent decrease in matrix synthesis (collagenolysis).

    Limiting the action of cytokines and neutophils will drastically attenuate this decrease in matix integrity- but how is this accomplished? Osteobolin-C limits the action of cytokines and neutrophils in damaged tissue, allowing for the repair of the connective tissue matrix!! By preventing subsequent localized interaction of cytokines and neutrophils with healthy connective tissue, a proper balance collagenase production can be restored! Osteobolin-C also allows for the mobilization of chondroblasts, along with mucopolysaccarides (the "cement" that holds collagen together), calcium, and phosphorous at the injured area, further speeding the re-synthesis!!


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