Lit-Up Sample mini-Review

  1. Lit-Up Sample mini-Review

    1/23/12 -- Leg Day
    Took sample serving of lit up peach tea flavor the same way I take every PRE. In a coffee mug before I leave work mixed in about 12oz water with a plastic spoon. Immediate reaction to mixability is that the mixing directions very appropriately recommend a shaker. Something in this stuff doesn't mix with a spoon. Just forms a clumpy film on top of the water. The difference between this and other products which behave similarly; taste. The flavor is incredible. I'd drink this regularly just for the taste. It's sweet but not tart or sour. Kind of like Arizona Peach or Snapple Tea but with body to it. Onward.

    The Workout: Stellar. It might have been placebo, but I haven't lifted without stims in over a year and without a PRE in almost 6 months. I tacked at least 1-2 work sets onto each exercise.

    Each exercise includes a warmup from the ground-up. Zero load up to first load that I consider "work".
    Romanian Deads: 135x10, 185x6, 185x6, 195x5, 195x5
    Hack Squats: Medium Stance 230x8, 250x6, 250x6, 250x6; Wide Stance 250x6, 250x5
    Lying Leg Curls -> Supersetted with Standing Calf Raise with peak contraction hold and 5 second negative:
    140x8 -> 135x10, 155x8 -> 135x7, 155x7 -> 135x4, 155x5 -> 150x3

    Was a fantastic workout. Laser focus and a seeming feeling of extra endurance or motivation to push to that near-failure level. Paying for it today, but gonna keep the cals high and take a day. Normal schedule dictates MTWFS, but this week looks like MWThFS.

    Thanks for the sample. I'll be headed back to the well for a tub of this.

  2. Thanks for the review and glad to hear you enjoyed the sample.

    Peach tea is my favorite flavor and the comparison you made was spot on... taste just like a commercially made peach tea beverage! I get the same from lit up WRT to focus and drive
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

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