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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bean5er
    Do you all think lit-up and black cats are ok to add to my current HGHup and drive stack?
    Definitely! Dirk has formulated the entire line to work together!
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by bean5er View Post
    Do you all think lit-up and black cats are ok to add to my current HGHup and drive stack?
    You can if you want. If you're sensitive to stimulants, start with only one (or even use only one), and I recommend using only a half-dose of LIT UP and one cap of BLACK CATS if you're going to stack them, to assess your tolerance to them.


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  3. My thoughts exactly Rosie, thanks. Tried my free sample of Lit-Up and was blown away so much I threw mine pre-w/o mix in the garbage! LOL

  4. Hey just remembered this, when I got my labs back the only thing I was deficient in was vitamin D, which would explain why I feel tired all the time. They suggested 2-4000mg a day. Is this dose ok with my HGHup/Drive/Lipotrophin PM stack?

  5. Yes it is fine. Vit D is a staple for me (especially in the fall/winter months)
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  6. Thanks Josh


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