Bio-Mend Review

  1. Bio-Mend Review

    Well I was given a bottle of this to try out from Applied Nutriceuticals. I promised I would give a review of the product. Well I have about a week left of my bottle so I figured this would be the time. Anyway I'm not sure what to say about this product. I seem to have a bit more energy and recovery is slightly faster from workouts. It is worth it to take an anti-oxident product especially if your doing high-intensity resistance training which causes increased free radical production. I'm more of a basic type supplement guy anyway. Bio-mend has a good mix of ingredients and is priced reasonably. I've already ordered and received a new bottle today. Its foundation type products like this that I would like to see more of. Thanks AN!.

  2. thanks for the review
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  3. Thanks for the review and the support! While Bio-Mend may not be as glamorous as so many other products that people could buy, I think that it should be a staple of any serious lifter's arsenal. I'm glad that you see that and value it.
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