Blood Test Results after 3 + weeks on IGF2

  1. Blood Test Results after 3 + weeks on IGF2

    I see anyti aging endo so we keep track of most of my hormone panel on a consistent basis. I went to my PCP (endo is in another state) to order quick blood draw and labs. I told her to include things on order which were written down, but Quest did not provide such as E2, Prolactin, LH and etc.

    My baseline is pretty consistent:

    Total Test 550 to 600
    Free 100
    IGF1 298 (Always within a just a few points).
    shbg 30 - 35

    Blood drawn about week and a half ago, just got results yesterday. Blood drawn at 9:52 a.m. and was a fasting blood draw.

    Total 590
    Free 68
    IGF1 116 (very low for me)
    shbg 58 (high)

    Everything else, and I mean everything, was perfect. No thyroid panel on this draw though.

    May explain the lethargy a little, although RPMS do get my energized for workout. I did seem to get results and am extremely cut right now. I have not weighed myself, but weight is probably down a couple of pounds (generally 5'11" 174 and prob about 170 right now).

    A bit taken back about low IGF1 and high shbg.


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  3. Take RPM, IGF2, fish oil, a good vitamin E (Tocopherols), and a high quality multi. Rarely drink so not explanation for shbg. Liver panel was good with ALT and AST in low 20s, albumin was 4.5, Glucose was 88 and all lipids and stuff was normal and solid. Going by memory here as test at home. Those are the primary things I can think of marker wise that would effect shbg and maybe IGF-1.Haha, my endo would put me on hGH with these numbers and hGH could drive shbg down, but I am still too young and look too good to resort to hGH yet. My numbers will come back. I will stop everything, maybe just take Super Pump which I have taken for several years and retest.I did notice decrease in libido, lethargy and signs of prolactin increase on day 7 or 8. Still have sex once or twice a day, but used to be more. Haha, so embarrassed when see neighbors on elevator
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    You might try copy/pasting your initial post and the most recent and drop them over in the anabolics or anti-aging (though it's not age related, the GH might be something others will know more about) section to get more traffic and more users who are knowledgeable about this.

  5. call the doc and he should be able to answer it. maybe, maybe not
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