LIT Up Sample Size Question

  1. LIT Up Sample Size Question

    First, thanks to the rep who sent me samples of LIT UP and RPM...I am going to post my reviews this week. the LIT UP packet I received one dose or two? Hard to tell, b/c on the Supplement Facts it says 2 servings (with 1 serving being 1/2 packet), yet on the directions it says to take the whole packet.

    I'm just shy of 190, 6'0, and just don't want to take too much caffeine at once!


  2. 1 packet is equivalent to 2scoops (2 scoops is required to get that full 3.1g of daa)

    I would recommend to take the whole packet at once, seeing as how it is really tough to attempt to split a sample packet into 2 equal doses
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  3. when i first started lit up, i was fine using 3/4 of a scoop for a few weeks. then gradually increased the dosage....unless u want the full DAA. i dont see much from test boosters so that isnt a problem with me
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