What would be the best to stack with RPM in terms of Cutting?

  1. What would be the best to stack with RPM in terms of Cutting?

    DRIVE, IGF-2 or HGH UP?

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    DRIVE, IGF-2 or HGH UP?
    My personal favourite to stack would be IGF-2, but that's just me. All of the listed products would work effectively though; just depends whether you are looking for athletic improvements or not as well. Bear in mind that RPM and Drive were designed to be stacked together for definition and performance.

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  3. I'd say drive or igf-2, HGHUp will help with cutting in some ways, but also makes you hungrier which makes it harder to keep cals low.

  4. DRIVE and Lipo-PM. IGF-2 has a tendency to increase your appetite as well as HGH Up.



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