Week 3 losing weight.. ?

  1. Week 3 losing weight.. ?

    Ok Im on my week 3 let me jus start with I began this cycle at 5'11 - 193lbs 21% bf. I seem to be building mass some. My love handles have gone down while the weight in the gym has gone up. crazy thing is last night before bed I weighed 203 and I thought the one is finally kicking in. But today I woke up weighing 190lbs. This whole time on this cycle my appetite has been supressed. I know u have to eat to build muscle and Ive been trying here.. But is it to late now in my cycle or whats the deal? NOTE* this is my first time cycling anything.

  2. A few things-

    first, it's not an accurate comparison to weigh yourself before bed and then when you wake up. You're going to be lighter when you first wake up and heavier when you go to bed (you still have a lot of food and water in your body when you go to bed)

    secondly, how much are you eating? I started seeing some drop in weight during the 3 week, but I was eating FAR less. I've extended myself to 5 weeks in my cycle because my food intake was so bad for a week and a half (largely outside of my control unfortunately), and I'm shooting back up again now that I'm back to 4k calories a day.

    Bottom line- it's most likely food intake.

  3. I havent been strict about my diet but I have been watching it and I would say around 3k-3.5k a day.. I was probally taking in around 3k for the most part and trying to take in more . Its jus I dont have a appetite really any more . Also with such a high bf 21% eating properly and lifting I should lose some weight right?

  4. The One has been known to cause a recomp, so it could very well be fat loss. Also, make sure you weigh yourself at consistent times during each day for a more accurate reading.
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  5. Im entering week 4 and Im hungry as hell now... My app has really came on now along with a nice burn during work outs.. Extreme hardening and a extreme notice in size.. This was my first otc and it has me hooked to bad its discontinued...

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  7. The DHT-like metabolites could also be lowering E levels which in turn will make you lose water weight.


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