First time cycling questions..

  1. First time cycling questions..

    Ok I jus wanted to ask a few questions before I begin my first cycle.. With the one I plan on taking occasional taurine 500mg (how often? daily? ) multi vitamins (daily) Im wanting to get as much out of this as possible.. Im 28 years old 5'10 193lbs 22% bf .. I read somewhere that cardio really shouldnt be done more then 15-20mins twice a week or so while cycling one.. ? So to keep my bf down and cut even more a proper diet is the ticket right?? So this month in muscle and fitness they had a diet that I was thinking about going by but was curious if it was enough while cycling or did it need modifying .. basically its
    5 meals differnt portion sizes. pre and post whey roughly 3500 calories daily with 250g protien , 300-400 carbs , 100g fat

    Is this style of diet advised while cycling?

  2. that will work. It is really up to you on how you should diet with The One. I would try to get a good bit of protein and carbs while on The One.

    Also, I would do cardio at least one time a week, while it may take a slight bit of gains off it will keep your heart healthy.

  3. Cool thank you for the reply.. I was thinking of doing cardio twice a week or so for 20mins.

  4. here is my take on cardio. just because I have changed my whole focus in recent years. this is one aspect that can't be over looked

    you will in fact get more out of your lifts int eh gym if your cardio is on point

    cutting it down imo is a mistake.

    i know your looking for size but you want good size not bad size.

    a low impact cardio a few days a week keeping ur heart rate around 60% of ur max is not gonna cause you any issues.

    i would actually have you do this since all hormones cause extra stress ont eh cardiovascular system. cholesterol levels etc etc. your best best is to be as healthy as possible even if u need to sacrifice alb here or there

    i am paying for my years of no cardio on cycle to get as big as possible now and I wish i didnt Deployed blogging

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