Heart Palpitations while on the one

  1. Heart Palpitations while on the one

    I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this before while on TO. I have been on for 3 days and started getting them from day 1. Kind of weird since I never experienced that from my first time on TO. Second queston, I wanted to see what you think my PCT should look like from just 3 days on TO. I got off today (yesterday was my last day on TO) and will see my doctor to make sure things are fine. Should I still take 2nd Gear and Drive/IGF-2 and for how long since I have only been on TO for 3 days? I never had to stop taking a supplement this soon into a cycle before, but I do not want to risk my health and make sure I am good to go. Thanks in advance for all your feedback.

  2. Smart move.What is in said supplement?

  3. I would stop everything for today.See how you feel and see Doctor before taking anything.Make sure your lipids are good.And have an ekg if palpitations persist.

  4. If you are only on day 3 anything that may effect levels is probably minimal, but To make sure I would run PCT around a week. Go to your doctor and get a check up and see what he says. Since you did not experience these your first cycle of TO are you sure TO is the root cause? I ask because I have never heard this before with TO.

  5. i wouldn't bother with PCT shy of a test booster and GH support for a week. i seriously doubt you'd even be shut down enough to need a week of PCT. i mean 5 days of mdrol wouldn't need a PCT.... IMO.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    i wouldn't bother with PCT shy of a test booster and GH support for a week. i seriously doubt you'd even be shut down enough to need a week of PCT. i mean 5 days of mdrol wouldn't need a PCT.... IMO.
    true, but I feel it would be better to be safe than sorry.

  7. Thanks for the Replies. I have an appt. with my doc later on today. It may just be a Coincidence as I have been pretty stressed at work lately. It could just be some panic attacks, but I will make sure. I did run TO before and had nothing like this, but the Human Body does not always react the same way. Thanks again.

  8. Pct never hurts.I think it was the other supps not the TO.But its smart to seek a Dr. eval.

  9. update? what did the doc say?

    have u stopped stims recently? or added anything

    i am curious of your situation
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  10. High caffeine levels coupled with mild dehydration, are a major cause of heart palpitations and flutter. Add to that a low electrolyte concentration and you probably found your answer.

    I got palpitations bad after I chugged a low carb Monster and went for a jog. I was dehydrated as well. It scared the **** out of me. But reading about it I learned these were common causes.

    Look into other factors that may have cause it, especially since last time on TO you didnt experience this.

    What were your gains last time on the ONE btw??

  11. great post umberto

    I had this issue sometime back when I stopped taking stims the first few days were horrendous and scary
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  12. Every once in awhile when I first wake up I get heart palpitations. Rarely, but it happens. Holy crap is it a scary feeling, your heart flipping out and ur not sure if its going to turn sideways or stop altogether. I just slow me breathing, and lay perfectly still, and relax as much as possible. Then it goes into normal after about 10 seconds and wont bother me all day.... only happens every once in awhile when I first wake.

    This is interesting because I have TO to run at a later date.

  13. So the checkup went alright. Doc got some blood from me for testing and set me up with an EP (Arythmia) doc for Thursday just to make sure everything is fine since heart problems do tend to run in the family. He does not think its anything to worry about since I am still young (32) and stay in pretty good shape. BTW, my first time on TO was really good. I used it for more of leaning out phase than a bulk phase and still ended up gaining serveral pounds of lean mass and strength was still going up. Usually when I restrict my diet, my weights in the gym drop big time! That right there was worth the product alone! Thanks again everyone for the info and feedback.

  14. not a problem let us know how things work out!


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