Nolva with 2nd Gear

  1. Nolva with 2nd Gear

    I was going to just have Nolva on hand when I run The One, but have recently decided I am going to use it during PCT. Typically dosing is 40/40/20/20, but this is when one runs Nolva solo in PCT. Would I still run it 40/40/20/20, or would I do something like 40/20/20/20 or 20/20/10/10?

  2. I have had great luck with 40mg day 1, 30mg day 2, 20mg day 2-14 and 10mg the last 2 weeks. That is my plan for my upcoming The One cycle with 2nd gear and Drive.

  3. Nolva is not necessary with the proposed PCT, but if you feel the need to run it I think 20/20/10/10 should be fine as you already are going to be using 2nd gear as an addition and The One has been shown to not be very suppressive.

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