Redrocket Rocking a mini log of "THE ONE"

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  1. Great results man. I can't wait until I run my cycle of it.

  2. Thanks very much crreaby, Outside Backer, Silver3CSRT8! I really appreciate all the support given. After some time off, I will definitely be running the ONE again and will be logging it again. I now know how i react and hopefully can run a better cycle next time!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by redrocket399 View Post
    Thank you very much Rosie! I am very happy with the gains especially how easy it was to use the One. I will definitely be running the One again in December! Thank you for all your support!
    No worries. That's one of the reasons I am here

    Team APPNUT

    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee


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