Irish Cannon's IGF-2 Mini-review

  1. Irish Cannon's IGF-2 Mini-review

    Rosie set me up with a sample bottle of IGF-2 that I was very grateful to try. I believe there was a 5 day sample of the product.

    I dosed 4 caps, 2x daily. Once pre-breakfast (1.5hrs pre-workout), and another pre-bed (2.5hrs after last meal). The stack I was using at the time was...


    1 serving BC+EAA
    1x Formadrol Extreme
    5g HMB
    2g DiCreatine Malate
    1g VitC
    4x IGF-2


    2 servings BC+EAA
    2x Formadrol Extreme
    5g HMB
    2g DiCreatine Malate
    1g VitC
    4x IGF-2

    From my pre-breakfast dose I noticed an increase in V02 utilization and muscular endurance during my workouts.

    From my pre-bed dose I noticed a definite increase in deep and restorative sleep.

    I'm sure there are some great cumulative benefits to this product; I'll have to purchase a bottle down the road to try out for myself.

    Thanks again to Rosie and everyone at Applied Nutriceuticals for great products and service.


    - IC

  2. Thanks for your mini-review, Scott Glad that you liked IGF-2; it is indeed an awesome product.

    Although you do see effects from a sample, best results are had with ~8 weeks use of it.

    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee

  3. UKStrength
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    Glad you liked the IGF-2 mate. It's a solid product and well-worth a full bottle's investment

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