Milk Thistle ?

  1. Milk Thistle ?

    Should I use milk thistle while on cycle , yes or no?

  2. What kind of cycle?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by boricua View Post
    Should I use milk thistle while on cycle , yes or no?
    I am guessing The One since its APPNUTs only anabolic lol.

  4. As rosie stated, milk thistle would be a decent addition for possible liver protection.
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  5. Thanks for the fast response, and yes I was talking about the one .
    I just wanted to make sure that the milk thistle do not interfere with the 1 during the cycle

  6. M.T will not interfere with any cycle. some have said that in the past, but they were either mis-informed or wrong. i take m.t year round, but i do take more right before a cycle, during and after.

  7. I always make the effort to take MT during and off cycle, I buy it bulk and cap it cost is not much of an issue, just trying to keep my liver in good condition!


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