The One on a Recomp with CKD

  1. The One on a Recomp with CKD

    I've been reading through all of The One logs for a few days but I haven't seen anybody that appears to be using it for a true recomp...I think Easy is close but even he seems to throw down quite a few cheat meals...Is there anyone using The One on a recomp? More specifically, is anyone on a CKD while on it? I get awesome gains from both cutting and bulking on The Anabolic Diet so I was going to use that while running The One...

  2. i'm interested as starting a log?

  3. I track everything I do in my blog but for the sake of the members at AM I'll copy it all over to a thread here...I won't be starting for another 4 weeks or so though...

  4. whats your CKD like? how many days high/med/low? I just started an anabolic diet scheme I got from my buddy of 5 low, and 2 high.

  5. I would be curious how it would work on a CKD diet.......would there be any concerns with little to no carbs? Hate to sound naive about it....just curious.

  6. im going to run a ckd log of the one. im going on a business trip this week but look to start the log next week. guna post it on ******** if you want to follow.

  7. your blog lists day 15. is that 15th day of anabolic diet? or 15th day of this cut which includes anabolic diet?

  8. Both...I started back on The Anabolic Diet again when I started this cut...

  9. i'll be following along with ya over there.

  10. Sounds good mang! Feel free to pm me if you need clarification on anything I put in my blog...I kinda write it for myself so sometimes I ramble or go off on tangents...hahaha


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