Cutting and The One....

  1. Cutting and The One....

    So what do you think, a good idea waste of the product?? i'm starting a cycle Monday very torn on how to utilize The One, if been cutting for 3 weeks and thought about keeping it going an adding in the one.....or should i just save it for a few months down the line an run it after my cut much leaner? What would you do ?

  2. I am waiting till a few months down the line so I can utilize the product to its fullest potential. EasyEJL is using it as a recomp.

    It depends on your goals and how much fatloss you need. Any anabolic will help with cutting, in the sense that it will prevent muscle loss possibly even increase gains. But, it seems to me that the product is best used as a bulker.

  3. Yeah that was my first train of thought like if i used it now it might be kinda of a waste with all the mass i could've put on, that said though my current goals are to get as lean as i can in the single digit range 7-9% i'm about 12-14% right now so maybe trying to get into single digits an anabolic would help keep muscle loss at bay

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