The ONE and Libido

  1. The ONE and Libido

    Hi! I know this is a new product and probably no one can answer for sure my question (in fact every organism is different) but what kind of libido problems could THE ONE cause?
    This is my main concern regarding any hormonal product. I know that any exogenous hormones would affect endocryne system, but at what scale THE ONE will affect my love live?Thanks in advance!!!

  2. I highly doubt your going to have any libido issues. However, I will let both my fellow comrades EasyE and OB chime in on that...they were testers so they can tell you for sure. If you get lucky...maybe Don or Dirk will drop by and give you a rundown.

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  3. dht based drugs usually raise libido. Regardless, the bloodwork I recall seeing I believe had high levels of test and hence your libido should be good to go, and the one also lower SHBG levels and hence you will get more active test.

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