Damn it AN, now I have to run a log of The One™

  1. Damn it AN, now I have to run a log of The One™

    I received a package today and guess what was inside?? A bottle of The one and 2nd Gear... and a T-shirt! However, my log will not start just yet. I will start it Monday due to the next two days being iffy on gym time due to training and work hours.


  2. This is going to be exciting,

  3. I'll be running Lava and Liver tabs as well unless there's an issue. This is completely An's option.

  4. now you "have to run" a log.... oh, you poor mod you.....

    tear it up jay

  5. Where are the logs going up? I didnt get the free bottles but I'd still like to post my progress, has anyone started a thread for it yet?

  6. Jay's reverse psychology clearing worked, they teach us that in MOD school. Classic Jedi $hit

  7. In for the log. I look forward to seeing your results, jay.

    Do work, bro!

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  8. i'll be following also..

  9. Actually I was determined that regardless of what it took jay was going to log it We can all count on Jay to be totally honest with the log with no fluff thrown in, and if he claims he broke a PR it wasn't just a log PR

    The liver tabs + Lava are fine. Actually I never looked at or tried lava before, hows the taste?

  10. The taste is pretty good and I don't stray from the standard three flavors often. I'm glad i didn't try start this weekend though; went out for a friend's bday celebration and stayed out too late! I had plans of ging in at 5 and getting off at 2 so I had time to lift and run before the gym closed but since I didn't get home until 2 and didn't get to bed till 3 I opted to go in at 10 and get off at 6. The gym closes at 5 on the weekends.

    This also gives me time to plan my diet a bit more... Money was tight this last paycheck(thursday) and i already went shopping. I have a good amount of moderate protein foods as well as carbs and healthy fats but not in the amounts i'd like to of had on hand. I'm glad you approved of the Lava because that and tuna are going to be staples for protein on this cycle.

  11. My meals will be pulled from the following foods that I have in my kitchen I have to start putting them in the tracker to figure out total caloric intake and C/F/P ratios

    Skim milk
    2% shredded cheddar
    Jumbo eggs
    Tuna in water
    Low fat organic peanut butter
    Instant unflavored grits
    Rolled oats
    Brown and white rice
    black beans, kidney beans and pinto beans
    Cashews, almonds
    Angel hair spaghetti
    93/7 ground turkey
    Lean pork chops
    Bunch of various canned vegetables
    Various low sodium chicken soups
    Fresh brocolli, Romaine lettuce, carrots, celery and tomatoes

    When I get home i'll arrange those in the portions and and means needed to obtain the following:
    Caloric intake of 3400 (it's should be a bit higher according to my calculations but I don't want to jump in with too much. i will add/remove calories as I track progress)
    Protein- 340
    Carb- 340
    Fat- 75

    Depending on how my stomach reacts, I may have to lower the protein amount... it's been a long time since i've gone over 200grams of protein.

  12. so will this be more of a recomp cycle to lose some fat rather than a straight out all you can eat bulk cycle
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  13. Good luck!

  14. I'm going to do my best to do a bulk but not an all out mass bulk. I am already fat and put it on pretty easy.

  15. subbed

  16. An all out bulk is so tempting but I do have a physical fitness test in april and don't want to risk not passing. I'm prone to lower back issues on orals.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Noto View Post
    Where are the logs going up? I didnt get the free bottles but I'd still like to post my progress, has anyone started a thread for it yet?
    Logs will probably be in either the Supplement Reviews/Logs, Anabolics, Cycle Info, or Applied Nutriceuticals subforums. You can start up a log if you like to post your progress; you don't have to have received a free bottle to do that.
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