1. contradictions??

    not bashing just some things i saw and some things i think

    on the label u have a 40% icariin, but in the write up u say 50%

    the write up says u have the highest extract of forskolin, yet the label says 20%, forsleans newest is 40%

    Cordyceps Sinesis u have a 7% when theres extracts up to 20%

    and lastyl wat "leading test booster" did u compar to???? cryoyest?? lol

    Benefits////////////////// DRIVE™/////////////////Leading Test Booster

    Dramatic Strength Increases/////Yes//////////////////////////Minor

    Improved Muscle Density ////////Yes/////////////////////////Yes

    Strong motivation and DRIVE///Yes //////////////////////////No

    “Alpha-Male” confidence and
    aggression /////////////////////////Yes ////////////////////////Minimal

    Increased vascularity //////////////Yes /////////////////////////Yes

    Heightened libido and sexual
    performance ////////////////////// Yes //////////////////////////Moderate
    Pronounced lipolytic / thermogenic
    effect //////////////////////////////Yes//////////////////////////// Yes
    Anti-catabolic/////////////////////////Yes ///////////////////////// No

    com on guys i was just doin som reading over yer site.
    imho drive did work but making claims like that against the leading test booster like DTHC, i think the formulation and extracts fall short.

  2. Some of the write-ups haven't been updates to coincide with the formula revisions.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


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