Some Quick Thoughts on My RPM, Drive and Neovar Samples

  1. Some Quick Thoughts on My RPM, Drive and Neovar Samples

    They arrived in the mail Saturday night, which left me hankering for the gym all weekend long. Having only tried the Original Neovar (which, BTW, was THE BEST creatine on the market without exception, IMO), I was very excited to give some of AN's other stuff a try.

    First off - the capsules just look great. The metallic shades lend such a unique touch and aesthetic to each product. I felt like I was ingesting tiny little Christmas Ornaments. Definitely cool.

    Neovar: You added Phospocreatine?! That is so freaking cool. I have a Metabolic Pathways Chart on my wall and many times I've looked at the Phophsocreatine pathway on there and wondered why noone used P-Creatine in their products. Innovative and bioavailable, I really liked that it was paired with good old Cre Mono - it's simple, effective and cheap too!
    The addition of Gymnema Sylvestre to the Banaba Extract was welcome too, for better nutrient partitioning. The Original Neovar always makes me hungry within 10-15mins of ingestion, and Recomped was just the same. However, I noticed a stronger sensation of muscle fullness during and after my routine than what the Original used to provide.
    For once a company changed a formula, claimed it's better than the original, and it actually is!

    RPM: I'm rather stim-sensitive, so I opted to play it safe and consume 4 of the 5 caps in the sample baggie. It definitely woke me up and kept me going mentally in the gym, but it really didn't do anything for me physically. Stamina and muscular endurance were not enhance at all, and I actually found my body lagging behind what my brain was telling it to do by the end of the workout.
    Pre-workout Supps are really not my thing, though. There are very few I like, and those I do are primarily ergogenic blends rather than stimulants: Beta Alanine, GMS, BCAAs, Taurine, PLCAR, etc.
    So, I'm sorry, but RPM just isn't for me.

    Drive: RPM may not have suited my taste, but it's counterpart is right up my alley. Icariin, Forslean, Naringin?! What's not to like? Bulk Horny Goat Weed and Forskolin have been staples in my regimen on and off since I began lifting. I've experienced the good they do first hand, and as such, think Drive has a lot of potential. Additionally, I eat a lot of grapefruit, bearing in mind it's supposedly high Naringin content, so getting extra help with substance is a plus.
    Now, this is the kind of product whose effects, unfortunately, can't be determined after one use, so I didn't really feel anything from taking Drive, but it's formulation is none-the-less well selected.

    So, Neovar rocks and Drive rocks and running the two in conjunction sometime would be an awesome stack!
    Thanks for the samples and the RPM stickers.
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  2. awesome reveiw!!!

  3. Thanks for your feedback, Resolve. Yes, NeoVar Recomped is certainly BETTER than the ORIGINAL
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  4. Great F*cking review man!

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  5. Good read!
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  6. Edit..Found the answer..


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