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    is rpm really anti catabolic?....if yes how if it is a stimulant

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    is rpm really anti catabolic?....if yes how if it is a stimulant
    I'll take a first attempt.

    #1. The stimulant effects in RPM are not solely caffeine based, matter of fact, the actual amount of caffeine in RPM is quite low comparatively. It has many other ingredients that provide symptoms of energy, focus & intensity; The Chocamine is a big one.

    #2. RPM is not primarily a "weight loss" supp, so its prime effects are not meant to "take away from," anything, in of itself. You could use it as a weight loss, but the true riches of RPM are increased strength performance, not so much weight loss.

    #3. RPM contains Icariin, which is a testosterone circulation elevator, which may implicate some anti-catbolic properties. Icariin is a prime ingredient for the strength increase; via increased circulation of testosterone. (i could delve a little deeper on this issue, but for the sake of simplicity and conciseness, this will do).

    I'm sure there are more reasons, but these are some pretty strong reasons.

    I'll go take a closer look at the bottle and see if I can't offer more information.

  3. Yes RPM is anti-catabolic

    Some Reasons for catabolism:
    1)Low calorie levels aka not eating enough
    2)Low testosterone
    3)Over exercising
    4)Low-fat diet

    How RPM is anti-catabolistic:
    Obviously by looking at the reasons listed above RPM cannot prevent catabolism, It is also your responsibility to take enough calories for matienence as well as not over training. RPM is considered anti-catabolistic because it does contain ingredients that simulate raised testosterone levels. For example: the epimedium extract(40% icariin)-raises levels of epinephrine, serotonin and dopamine as well as raise test levels.

    How it is a stimulant:
    RPM contains Naringin(98% extract) which is used to stimulate caffine, RPM also contains caffeine used for energy exertion, L-arginine used for increase blood flow, and last but not least the cocoa extract(10% theobromine) as well as theobromine(99%). Theobromine is falls under similar compound area as caffine. In this case being used as a stimulant.

  4. thanks for the help just got a bottle

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    thanks for the help just got a bottle



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