drive, rpm and food?

  1. drive, rpm and food?

    how do you guys take drive in the morn? i drink a shake first thing in the morning. drive is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. how long after i take drive do i have to wait to drink my shake? same qwuestion on drive and rpm preworkout, how are most of you guys timing your preworkout meal around these sups?

  2. i take rpm 1 hour pre. drive 45-60 minutes pre. workout. shake and post-wo meal after
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  3. so u have no pre workout meal? i eat 60-90 min before i go to the gym

  4. when dosing RPM with a neovar i usually take in 30-60G Carb Pre-wo. I either go empty belly or 30G carbs when not taking a creatine
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  5. so the presence of food inthe digestive track does not affect the drive and rpm?

  6. it will diminish effects slightly. thats why i dont take much in if any at all pre-wo when taking them
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  7. ok, cool. gonna play around with this some. am gonna try 4 tabs uncapped rpm mixed with cellucors no extreme an hour after a meal and c what happens, oh throwin drive in as well.

  8. RPM isnt the greatest uncapped for the heads up. If you are doing it uncapped it hits very quick
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  9. yeah, that was disgusting. the no extreme flavored it a little but still.........eewwwwww


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