drive, rpm and food?

  1. drive, rpm and food?

    how do you guys take drive in the morn? i drink a shake first thing in the morning. drive is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. how long after i take drive do i have to wait to drink my shake? same qwuestion on drive and rpm preworkout, how are most of you guys timing your preworkout meal around these sups?

  2. i take rpm 1 hour pre. drive 45-60 minutes pre. workout. shake and post-wo meal after

  3. so u have no pre workout meal? i eat 60-90 min before i go to the gym

  4. when dosing RPM with a neovar i usually take in 30-60G Carb Pre-wo. I either go empty belly or 30G carbs when not taking a creatine

  5. so the presence of food inthe digestive track does not affect the drive and rpm?

  6. it will diminish effects slightly. thats why i dont take much in if any at all pre-wo when taking them

  7. ok, cool. gonna play around with this some. am gonna try 4 tabs uncapped rpm mixed with cellucors no extreme an hour after a meal and c what happens, oh throwin drive in as well.

  8. RPM isnt the greatest uncapped for the heads up. If you are doing it uncapped it hits very quick

  9. yeah, that was disgusting. the no extreme flavored it a little but still.........eewwwwww


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