Neovar, RPM, Drive and IGF-2 stack

  1. Neovar, RPM, Drive and IGF-2 stack

    What would be the best dosing protocol for this? Or would it be best not to use all at once?

    Currently have Drive/RPM (a few days in) and interested in the other 2 products, just not sure if would be overkill? Goals wise i'm just looking to do a bit of a recomp over the next couple of months.

  2. This more than recomp, this is gonna get you some size!

    I have run Drive/Neovar and IGF-2/Neovar, mainly to run longer stacks vs a short run with everything. It is basically your preference based on goals and costs.

    I do Neo 4 pre & 4 post with carbs, usually oats pre and WMS post. As far as the IGF2 is concerned I did 3 caps 3x a day, it is important to take 30-45 mins prior to carb meals. This was great for sleep, I knocked out fast . . . usually I can stay up late no problem.

    Bottom Line: It is up to you, run each solo, run various stacks, or stack 'em all.

  3. just a quick question about the above...

    why would you take IGF-2 pre meal? Isn't a big part of it that it increases GH production? If so the insulin spike from the meal 30 mins later will surely knock out any GH increase you may be getting... I would have thought it best to take it an hour or so after a meal?

  4. I just took the advice of the rep in the IGF2 FAQ, Strategic said take on an empty stomach 45 minutes before a meal

  5. interesting... would like to hear their reasoning on that, as far as i was aware the insulin spike wipes out the GH increase which should remain elevated for at least 1 - 1.5hrs, so ideally you wouldn't eat after taking it for at least that long.

    Of course they know their product best so do as they say, it's just a point of curiosity on my part.



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