1. Important!

    Is antaeuslabs going to discontinue ud if sd gets banned?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mugen112
    Is antaeuslabs going to discontinue ud if sd gets banned?

    U going crazy over this shat huh? lol
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  3. Just wanted to hear it from AL

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mugen112 View Post
    Is antaeuslabs going to discontinue ud if sd gets banned?
    I would aslo like to know the answer to this. I'm still not to sure about UD but I am going to give it a try. Would like to know if I do a cycle and like it should I stock up before the ban?

  5. U better stock up

  6. Thanks for the advice but I haven't seen to many logs or reviews on it. I have seen quite a few on TZ but not that many on UD. Just curious as to why that is. Like I said I will be running a cycle of UD and I hope its as good as everyone thinks its supposed to be.

  7. As of today Antaeus labs reps will no longer be answering any questions regarding UD, sorry! We have none left in our facility so whats left out on the market is all that is there. It has now been discountinued and that is that.
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