Ultradrol and Tudca

  1. Ultradrol and Tudca

    What is your recommendation with dosage timing on these? Can you take Tudca at the same time as Ultra or does it inhibit its effectiveness? Does Tudca have to be dosed with food? Thanks!

  2. There seems to be a lot of evidence which suggests that taking bile acids along with pharmaceuticals (& phytochemicals, etc.) can improve absorption... so taking UD with TUDCA might be beneficial rather than detrimental. I'll look into this a little bit further and will post another reply on this thread if anything comes up -- but, as of right now, I'd have to say that you should take TUDCA and Ultradrol together. With food.

  3. Thanks Jake!

  4. Bump. Looking for an effective one-pill liver protection solution... rather than buying multiple products with multiple ingredients, some of which have me concerned like Milk Thistle's supposedly negative impact on testosterone (although since I'll be on cycle, that shouldn't matter much).

    I am using Myogenix's Liver Fix, and Liver Care (Liv-52) right now at 6 caps per day each because my cycle starts with M1T which is very harsh, but dovetails into Oral Tbol (Turinabol).

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