Latest Dienolone ESI/MS Test Results

  1. Latest Dienolone ESI/MS Test Results

    The image below contains the results from the latest batch of dienolone we had tested.

    This one is fairly easy to read. The large peak is dienolone+H, the two others which stand out are dienolone+Na (294.2) and dienolone+K (310.8). The rest is mostly solvent noise, conjoined molecules, and some fragmentation...
    Purity is high (98%+), and no illegal contaminants are present. For example, were estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione present in any quantity, there would be a spike at around 281... and it clearly ain't there.

    The batch was rather large: 10kg -- three of which have just been used. The rest should last us a couple of months or so.

    Going forward, I'll take care to post test results for compounds here. We have easy access to analytical instruments, so everything gets tested eventually.

    (The next batch of Ultradrol has been tested & I'll get around to uploading those results pretty shortly.)

  2. Ah, I forgot to mention that I had once written a short overview to mass-spec testing here.
    I've also written on it elsewhere, but the post above contains most of the basics.

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  4. Thanks for posting all of this. I look forward to running Ultradrol.

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