Beverly International similar to Universal

  1. Beverly International similar to Universal

    Ive used and enjoyed both Beverly and Universal supplements. I believe both are good in quality and work well. It seems that Beverly has some nice products, but they are just a bit too expensive for my taste, yet ill splurge once in awhile and buy some. It also seems that Universal has some products that are very similar to theirs, but much, much cheaper.

    I know both are excellent quality so goin with either one is a good choice, but with both being equal, price will win every time. What I need help with is a list of Universal supplements that will compare directly with Bev's supps. I already know and take uni-liver tabs over beverly's, but what will compare with mass aminos, muscle synergy, and density?

  2. Mass Aminos - Any amino product in our lineup: 100% Beef Aminos, Amino 1000-2700, AminoTech, Uni-Liver, etc.

    Muscle Synergy - Animal Pump or Universal Shock Therapy

    Density - Animal Nitro (pills) or Universal EAA Nitro (powder)

  3. Got it, thank you. Looking forward to the agent O supp.

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