Animal Roadtrip: Road to the Olympia

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    Something really cool is going down just before the Olympia and I am fortunate enough to be involved. G Diesel, myself, Frank "Wrath" McGrath and Steve Kuclo will be heading out west to San Diego on 9/19. We are going to head straight to World Gym/619 Muscle which is the gym that Derik "The Freak" Farnsworth trains at. We are meeting up with him and Rage, the 619 muscle crew and the So. Cal ABC members for an ABC event. Then we are going to head up to LA for a couple of other ABC's including Gold's Gym, Venice. We are all piling into one van and hitting some cool spots along the way. Then it's on the road to Sin City where we will meet up with our other brothers at the big dance, The Cage at the O. All the while we will chronicle the roadtrip. You will be a fly on the wall for all of it including meals with the pros, walks on Venice beach, some serious training and everything else in between. If you are out in Cali, meet up with us or meet us in Vegas.

    More info and updates will happen here:

    Animal Roadtrip: Road To the Olympia - the F O R V M

  2. Damn. Any extra spots in that van brah?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Aggression View Post
    Damn. Any extra spots in that van brah?
    It's gonna be a tight squeeze with all that beef in one van

  4. Got some awesome updates so far. Thanks, NG. Looks like solid training and big eating are going down!

  5. I've heard rumors that they are compiling the videos into a DVD format, for possible release... Stay tuned...



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