Is Universal Creatine Micronized Creapure?

  1. Is Universal Creatine Micronized Creapure?

    Sorry for the dumb question guys...I read the label states that Universals Creatine Monohydrate is Micronized Creapure...

    What i wanted to know is, is this different to regular Creapure or do all Creapure's already come micronized?

    I guess if this is better then the other Creapures out there, this is great! Will look forward to highly recommending this in future too.

    Cheers guys

  2. id like to see a response to this.

  3. Yes, it is.

    -- JB \m/
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  4. We do use Creapure in some of our products, not all Creapure products are micronized however, it's an extra step that makes it into a finer powder that is easier on the stomach.

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