helladrol and bulk up...... comments

  1. helladrol and bulk up...... comments

    What do you guys think? I'm thinking 4 caps bulk up for a test base

  2. Augmented libido and built in cycle support from BULK-UP is a no brainer.

  3. Read my mind..... stay tuned for log

  4. That's what I'm talking about! Anybody that's used Halo or Mag can tell you you can kiss your libido goodbye after 2-3wks in (ask me how I know), as well as mounting lethargy as natural test production declines & increasingly angry joints. Bulk-up's test will have the warship flying at full mast, sailing on a good level of natural energy, & the low amounts of aromatization will help keep natural estrogen levels up where they belong (lubing the joints for lifting & further powering up sex-drive).

    I felt like crap after on 15 days or so of Methylclostebol, but bringing in 4dhea had me feeling better in less than 3 days. And my gf was much happier too

  5. I ran mecha but high dosed stano with it

  6. You'd have to run something. Seems most people start feeling like crap from the suppression pretty quick. I did. Buddy just started a 6wk DMZ/Protobol run wednesday. 20-30mg of DMZ & 50-75mg Proto over the month & a half I believe. He's using 4-6 caps of Bulk Up too for a good base & even more mass and aggression. He's a big fan of 4dhea as well, even having used Stano in the past.


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