Please Don't Spam

  1. Please Don't Spam

    I am not friends with Venus on facebook for a reason, nor have I liked any Andro Factory page ever.
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    I thought this stopped after all the email accounts were stolen and spammed. I guess not.

    I'll put this kindly out of the respect for the company I represent now; Please tell Venus not to spam me any more!
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  2. oh boi you might have just resparked the anti af crew

  3. smh poor kid....upset over an e-mail or whatever, gotta pick your battles man
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  4. A company that copies another companies formulas and products, spams emails and now facebooks of the other companies customers and supporters, had a kid who took Primordials Andromass promote/spam his gains as Bulk Up gains with the justification of "They use the same ingredients so the results are the same" on different forums.

    The company is a joke, lacks originality and uses low life tactics. I'm not here to pick a battle but to tell you I want no part in your ways, so don't spam me.
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    APE = 25% off
    PM for help with our line.

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