Please Don't Spam

  1. Please Don't Spam

    I am not friends with Venus on facebook for a reason, nor have I liked any Andro Factory page ever.
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    I thought this stopped after all the email accounts were stolen and spammed. I guess not.

    I'll put this kindly out of the respect for the company I represent now; Please tell Venus not to spam me any more!
    Iconic Formulations Rep.

    PM for help with our line.

  2. oh boi you might have just resparked the anti af crew

  3. smh poor kid....upset over an e-mail or whatever, gotta pick your battles man
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  4. A company that copies another companies formulas and products, spams emails and now facebooks of the other companies customers and supporters, had a kid who took Primordials Andromass promote/spam his gains as Bulk Up gains with the justification of "They use the same ingredients so the results are the same" on different forums.

    The company is a joke, lacks originality and uses low life tactics. I'm not here to pick a battle but to tell you I want no part in your ways, so don't spam me.
    Iconic Formulations Rep.

    PM for help with our line.

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