Has anyone successfully ordered BulkUp from Canada?

  1. Has anyone successfully ordered BulkUp from Canada?

    DHEA is banned here, but Ive gotten Erase shipped here twice.
    Was wondering if any Canadians ordered Bulk Up before?

  2. Getting through customs with minimal delay is something androfactory are very good at. Select USPS for shipping though. You'll have USPS tracking the whole way. The number alloted can eventually be entered on canadapost.ca and tracked there too.

    I just received FOCUS today and tracking shows my LEAN-CUT to be out for delivery tomorrow. Took 12 calender days to arrive. Once it crossed the border it reverted to Xpresspost. The I am in Canada.

    Remember to use the coupon in my sig should you decide to order BULK-UP....it'll save you 15%.

  3. Heads up Canada...being Canadian myself...I've had no issues....products always make it to my doorstep.

  4. Bump for the Canucks

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