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  1. BULK-UP - Reviews and Logs

    Creating this central access point for the ease of everyone to track real world feedback and experiences with BULK-UP.

    All, please feel free to link your logs and/or post your personal results.

  2. Tovok123


    His Final Review

    "yeah I finished the product overall I really enjoyed bulk up considering I was sick most of the cycle(I have gut and lung problems), I felt like a beast at the gym and got a bit of size from it.... my weight remained pretty consistent ended up putting on 2kgs, but also leaned up a bit. The only negative side to bulk up is pricing, it was a bit expensive!

    I am 2 weeks into pct atm and kept all the weight and feel great, didn't get shut down at all and have just felt great the whole way through, for pct I am using
    DAA Caps-3/3/3/3

    Anonymous Logger



    186 lbs, 10% bodyfat taken with calipers

    Bench press 1RM- 245lbs
    Dead lift 1RM- 315lbs
    Squat 1RM- 280lbs
    Bent over bar row 5RM- 205lbs
    Overhead press 5RM- 155lbs
    Leg press 1RM- 720lbs


    208lbs (+22lbs!), 11% bodyfat with calipers

    Bench press 1RM- 295lbs (+50)
    Dead lift 1RM- 380lbs (+65)
    Squat 1RM- 315lbs (+35)
    Bent over bar row 5RM- 235lbs (+30)
    Overhead press 5RM- 185lbs (+30)
    Leg press 1RM- 800lbs (+80)

    He was very dedicated to this cycle. His goal was to break 200 lbs and he smashed it by 8 lbs! I am very proud of his work, and since then we have become workout partners a couple times a week.
    He said right away in the first couple weeks he noticed insane appetite and strength was gradually climbing. The weight didn't start packing on until week 3, although he did put on 3 pounds in the first 2 weeks. By the last couple weeks he actually seemed to harden up a little in the upper pectorals and delts, even with the 1% increase in bodyfat. This is due to the DHT effects from Bulk-Up.
    He had zero sides to report. No gyno sensitivity, hair loss, acne, or anything enough to be bothersome.

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