Focus Release Date!!!!!!!!

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  1. It is a good product we have to wait for some time......

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    still not up...but can't wait to give this product a go

  2. Ready for some serious product knowledge.

    FOCUS Release!


    Do you seek motivation, drive, genuine energy and the power to reach your destination? The kind of drive that comes from the very depths of your human core. FOCUS provides you with everything you need to reach youR goals. That little extra something that will take you all the way. Clear vision, drive, speed; you can’t ask for anything more from this natural long lasting booster. More than any RockStar, Caffeine drink or ephedrine could ever possibly offer. Not an added stimulant that will hit you hard, give you the jitters and leave you lethargic. Were talking about about real energy, the kind that comes from within, the drive of youth meeting an opportunity to prove itself. The kind that gets you to the finish line, the kind that keeps you sharp, aware and on top of your game.
  3. Ready - Set - FOCUS

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    focus and lean out are what i'm looking forward to in the spring...they should work well together
    Supports Focus, Drive, Energy and Motivation in 8 weeks.
    FOCUS - Find your Drive Find your Motivation.

    Ready - Set - FOCUS

    Several studies show that DHEA and pregnenolone can enhance the brain's visual-spatial performance. (18-22) This is the brains ability to mentally perceive and arrange three dimensional objects. For example, this may enhance your ability to map placement objects on a 3D map. (22)
    DHEA and pregnenolone have come together in the Power of FOCUS’s Advanced DHEA Complex with ANDRO FACTORY’s signature CP+R - bringing a new player in the race to FOCUS drive and a stronger leaner body.

    The studies and research used to formulate ANDRO FACTORY’s FOCUS and The Stack make it the most effective advanced FOCUS enhancing product that you can buy safely, legally and without a perscription. FOCUS provides amazing results from which every man can benefit.

    Whether you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, a competitive edge, increased motivation, or a sense of accomplishment ANDRO FACTORY delivers safe and natural prohormones that will make you strong, keep you safe and on top of your game

    The Advanced DHEA Complex

    DHEA in general is commonly known as the anti-aging wonder drug of the century. But DHEA handled properly can result many different and long lasting benefits.

    The mental effects of FOCUS come from two primary neurosteroids -

    5-DHEA and 5-PREG. Highly absorbable hormones that convert to the active neurosteroids DHEA, pregnenolone and their sulfate forms. Unique hormones that posses effects not found with any other hormone in the body. (1-23-) No other steroid, testosterone booster or stimulant will take you where Focus takes you.



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