GMS Discontinued?

  1. GMS Discontinued?

    Tried searching, and may just be out of the loop on things lately but I got an email from NP cancelling part of my order of GMS i was stocking up on due to it being discontinued. Are you guys just discontinuing gms all together, or putting out a different variation for whatever reason?

  2. We have discontinued it.

    If you want glycerol, you can find HydroMax in High Volume.
    PEScience Representative

  3. Can you share with us why it has been discontinued? It seems more and more powder are discontinued at Nutra. Is Nutra going out of bulk powder business?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    We have discontinued it.

    If you want glycerol, you can find HydroMax in High Volume.
    welp theres my answer, thanks. yeah I like adding bulks like that to my stim pre's. HV looks great but im already on a enhanced+ABE+Cistamax stack for another 5 weeks. in a week im adding AS forskolin& amento to that as well. washed down with a blondie protein shake of course. needless to say i support the cause.

    im all ears for any bulk gms suggestions though. i know you can buy bulk hydromax at TN but idk if the QC is as good as id be getting with AS or if its branded should i not worry.

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